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Comparing Steel And Acrylic Baths

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People who love investing in a home that is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing understand the role the bathrooms occupy in the overall beauty and impression the house makes on visitors and guests.

It is a place in the house that provides homeowners a chance to really express themselves, using not only style and luxury, but also fixtures and fittings that offer a number of attractive features, and lots of practicality.

In the bathroom fixtures and fittings segment, a lot of recent advancement and the use of new materials has made it much easier for these items to last longer.

Therefore, regardless of whether the items are metal, ceramic, or marble, all of them have been improved to become more worthy of their expense, through minimal maintenance, and high levels of durability.

When choosing bathroom fixtures and pipe fittings in Dubai – ANBI Solutions, the focal point is the type and material you want to use for the bath area.

The two most popular choices for material are iron and acrylic, both of which have their own attractions and drawbacks, which we discuss in the guide.


The popularity of acrylic baths come from the many amazing features they carry. Many of these aspects have to do with utility and ease of use.

Not only are they very budget-friendly, they are also very easy to maintain, clean, and keep looking like new.

Acrylic baths are also light since they are made of plastic material, therefore transporting and installing them is also very easy.

Since they are very good at maintaining the temperature of the water, and come in a range of attractive colors, shapes and styles, they make for a great bathing experience.

On the other hand, being made of plastic also presents certain drawbacks. The most notable one of these is that the material can be easily damaged due to impact, because of being weaker than steel and iron baths.

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Iron And Carbon Steel Baths

The obvious choice for most people who do not think that acrylic and plastic materials suit their bath is metal.

What makes cast iron baths so attractive is that they bring all the attention to themselves, because they are made of high quality material, and look very appealing.

Because of the strength of the iron, they can last several years owing to the high grade of durability, and solid construction.

Reasons Not To Choose Cast Iron

Some of the characteristics of iron and steel baths, such as tough and solid material, can also pose a drawback.

Because of their weight, they are harder to move from one place to another, making it harder to install in some places. Since iron is a material that can rust easily, this too can become an issue in the long-term.

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