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Five Best-Selling Models of Lanvigator Tyres In Dubai

Lanvigator tyres is a reputable brand in the tyre segment. It produces around 12 million tyres annually. They are considered hugely safe for use and are cost-effective too. When compared to other brands, these tyres have a lower rolling resistance. Simply said, it means they save fuel. An important feature of these tyres is that they superior grip and hence is an optimal choice for travels in harsh weather conditions like in the city of Dubai where it can get excessively hot during the summers. The unique feature of these tyres is that they have asymmetric grooves. 

The five best-selling models of Lanvigator Tyres Dubai are mentioned below. 

Catchfors M/T

This model of lanvigator tyres is suitable for use in all types of road conditions. They have a block read design which enables the reduction of tread damage. It has a strong structural design that provides durability. These tyres have superior braking ability on a wet and dry road. They provide excellent off-road traction too.

Lanvigator Tyres Dubai


Third model of the lanvigator tyres provides stability in varied weather conditions due to their special tread compound. They have the ability to drive with safety and stability. They have an apt appearance with white sidewall ribs. With a reasonable pattern area, they can protect the collocation of each groove.

Touring Max

Touring Max model of lanvigator tyres Dubai are made up of abrasion-resistant tread compound. Dues to this, they are able to provide an extra bit of resistance to punctures. The grooves are zigzag in nature and they have lateral blocks. This enables stability while driving. They are also equipped with a continuous tread pattern on the shoulder.

Lanvigator Tyres UAE

Comfort 1

Comfort is one of the best-selling models of lanvigator tyres in Dubai. With an asymmetric pattern shape and an optimized variable pitch pattern design, they are apt for vehicles in Dubai. The soft sidewall and strong tread enhance the driving experience. These tyres have a good wet grip and low rolling resistance due to the presence of silica tread compound. 

Catchgre GP 100

Another favored model among the lanvigator tyres, they are readily available on www.tire.ae. They provide excellent ride stability on wet road conditions. They have a bead profile design which increases stability while driving. With the presence of a special tread compound, they are able to offer longer mileage. They can also escalate the stability of the vehicle when cornering due to the presence of continuous tread blocks.

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