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Five Questions to Ask Before Your Hair Transplant Treatment

Are you worrying about thinning of hair or going bald? You don't have to anymore. Technology used in hair transplant as increased in leaps and bounds and thereby risks have minimized to a great extent. Hair transplant has been a boon to many, it has tremendously transformed many and improved their self-confidence and self-respect. Taking a decision to go for hair transplant is a tough one too, you should never take this decision overnight it has to be well thought of decision after through research. Reach out to top consultant for hair transplant Dubai at Sunface who will clearly assist you in choosing the best option to go for and it need not always be a hair transplant?

Hair Loss Due to Age?

Sometimes hair loss could be due to some disease, medications or it could be due to radiation therapy or it could be just because of age. Identifying the reason is very important, if it is due to health condition then it has to be addressed first. It could be just temporary hair loss and you might get your normal hair growth without the need for hair transplantation. If it is hereditary or age related, then doctor will guide you further what to do.

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Ask About the Doctor’s Previous Experience

Once it is confirmed you need hair transplant then it's time to choose the best surgeon by checking his years of experience, his qualifications and success rate.

What Type of Treatment Will You Receive?

There are basically 2 types of treatments FUT and FUE. Your surgeon will suggest you which one to go with.  Currently many of them are preferring for FUE as it is less painful, invisible scars and lack of sutures.

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Is the Clinic Accredited?

It is as important as choosing surgeon. Look for reputation of clinic or hospital and look for their accreditations. Accredited places have strict quality norms and are also measured on the success rate, which is continuously monitored, and measures are taken to match the quality standards.

What Is the Cost of The Treatment?

Many look for getting hair transplant done to enhance their looks and self-confidence, but they are soon turned off because of the high cost involved in it. 

Final thing to consider is to know all the risks associated with surgery and what is the recovery time and how soon you can get back to work. It will usually take 3-8 months to see uniformity of hair growth on your scalp.

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