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Five Well-known Rental Automotive Brands in Dubai

The enthusiasm for cars among the individuals in the UAE has led many car brands to take over the automotive market, making UAE the region, with a large number of luxury cars per capita. Due to numerous car brands, when it comes to purchasing a car, it gets very difficult to decide. Let's find out regarding the top 5 car brands that are most popular among the inhabitants of Dubai.


Toyota became the favorite brand of residents in UAE. Among all the models of Toyota, people residing in Dubai prefer to buy Land cruiser and Prado due to their capability to drive smoothly in deserts. The impressive features in the latest models like up-to-date safety technology, anti-locking braking system, sensors to assist parking and reversing, etc captivate the attention of customers significantly.


The only German manufacturer, S-class Mercedes Benz, was able to classify itself among the top 5 popular car brands in Dubai. It is known for offering a collection of the car with a vast range of prices, making it easier for the customer to purchase according to their budget. The elements like longer life span, durability, and smart technology further boost the fame of this brand.

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Patrol and Patrol Safari by Nissan achieved great attention from the individuals in Dubai, making the company rank as 3rd favorite brand. The baseline of the Nissan Patrol and the robust 5.6-liter V-8 engine of the Nissan Patrol Safari caught the interest of many customers.


Several Lexus cars are found as fuel-inefficient and having unenergetic acceleration is the reason why it stands at 4th position in the list of famous cars. Moreover, the cars from this brand are usually expensive, losing a large number of customers who don't have much of the savings. Aside from these traits, the overall performance of the car is remarkable. The cars consist of a modern interior with an excellent braking system and incredibly amazing power, enhancing the overall driving experience of the customer.

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The Tucson SUV is the most well-known car model by Hyundai. It is a sport-looking car but does not have the ability to offer a smooth driving experience on a rocky desert road. However, if you are tight on budget and need a car for regular tasks then it is a decent alternative which you can consider.

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After going through all the options, if you are still indecisive regarding what car to buy. The best alternative is to hire a car in Dubai cheap from a trustworthy company. Explore the large variety of different cars and choose the car which you believe would be ideal for you. Cheaply rent a car in Dubai rates and go on a long drive to determine if it is the right choice for you. Buying a car requires a huge amount, so choose carefully.

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