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Laminate Flooring Solutions In Dubai

Decorating your houses or office while living in Dubai can be very expensive. The Leeds Furnishing has lower your burden by offering a vast variety of different decoration styles for your residential and commercial places. Their different flooring and curtains services are very reliable and durable. You can book the company’s different services online. The company is also providing laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring from natural wood flooringThe laminate flooring is basically a wood floor look alike without using natural wood flooring. It can provide a wooden look to your floor without spending the exact amount as actual wooden flooring. The Leeds Furnishing is providing reliable products and materials for laminate flooring to make it as real as wooden flooring. The laminate flooring by the Leeds Furnishing is also very durable and lasts longer.

The upper layer of the lamination floor by the Leeds Furnishing is made up of transparent material which prevents it from daily life scratches. The second layer includes a stylish pattern paper which makes the flooring look like natural wooden flooring. The third layer is made up of strong fiberboard which prevents the floor from expanding too much. The fiber board layer also strengthens it and make it strong enough to hold different body weights. The last layer of the laminate flooring is work as a balancing layer. The last layer balanced the floor and keep it straight. The whole floor is coated with different shields to avoid abrasion. The Laminate Flooring by Leeds Furnishing comes with several years of warranty and lasts longer.

The company uses different techniques to make the laminate flooring installation easy and simple. It is very cost effective flooring and can be installed at affordable rates. The laminate flooring also creates a friendly yet luxurious look to your house.

The company suggests to avoid having laminate flooring in the areas with moistures in the climate and with the danger of spillage.

Laminate flooring in DubaiOne of the advantages of having laminate flooring is that it needs very low maintenance. You don’t really need to do oiling, coating or sanding on laminate flooring to maintain it.

The laminate flooring comes with different sizes of thickness levels which include 7,8,10 and 12 mm. the thickness level of lamination flooring can also reduce the noise transfer in the lower parts of buildings.

You can increase the life of laminate flooring by using some tips that are:

  • Try to lift the heavy furniture items and avoid dragging when it comes to replacing furniture.
  • You should also trim the nails of your pets and infants to avoid scratches.
  • Do not use the wiper to mop the water. You must buy the special mopping wiper to use on your laminate floors.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and book your lamination flooring now by hiring laminate flooring Dubai - Leeds Furnishing.

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