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Meaning and importance of interior designing, Interior designing services, Types of interior designing

Interior Designing

Interior Design provides a soul to a space or building and makes it more livable and functional pleasant. So, if you want your home, office, hotel, room etc. to look extremely good, you should take the services of an interior designing company.

Meaning and importance of interior designing

Interior designing is an art of supervising and planning the designing for interior of a space. In other words, interior designing is planning and execution of furnishing, decoration and layout of an interior.

Interior designing is important than the architecture of your home when it comes to planning your interiors design.

Interior designing services

Interior designing services are the services rendered by interior designers to decorate your home. It consists of various interior designing services. Some of them are discussed under.

Project design only: This type of services is rendered to those clients who wish to use the creativity and expertise of an interior designer but they deal with the contractors themselves.

Project design and installation: This service extends from design to installation of design presented to the client. This is ideal for someone who wish to build a property for sale or who is very busy to furnish their property to a finished standard within a timeframe.

Project design and management: This service is suitable for the clients who require a complete turnkey project from start to end. This is ideal for the clients who want to avoid the trouble of organizing the work themselves.

Types of interior designing

Traditional interior designing:-

Traditional interior designing provide the feeling of warmth and comfort through colors, furniture placement and furniture designs. The accessories are generally used in pairs to give it a balanced look. Traditional interior designing use accessories such as candle stands, vases, accent pieces, sculptures, bowls, mirror etc.


Modern interior designing:-

Modern interior designing is a response against traditional one. This style use asymmetry and includes clean lines in furniture and architecture. This type of interior designing use paintings to complement the rest of the space. Modern style is best suited for apartments. Furniture is settled in clean, straight line norms.

Eclectic interior designing:-

Eclectic interior designing brings a variety of styles and periods through decor elements and furniture. This style consists of a variety of pieces, different in texture, design and color which create a rhythm when put together.

Contemporary interior designing:-

In contemporary interior designing, the overall look is always fresh & importance is given to natural lights and open spaces. Here, materials are used for visual looks rather than colors.

Interior design introduces people to relaxation, modernism and beauty. Interior designing helps a person to learn about space and how people feel comfortable at a specific place and using its facilities.

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