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There's a Deal for Everyone

A safari is an excursion meant to make you relax, explore, and have fun while falling in love with nature. Desert safari Dubai tour packages cater to a variety of people. Do you want a tranquil environment away from the noise, a warm and exciting atmosphere? Different people go to excursions for various reasons. Thrill seekers are looking for adventure, somewhere to get in touch with their inner child. Explorers want to experience diversity: diverse people, diverse culture and different activities, Nature lovers want to experience the open desert and see the landmarks, gather around the campfire smoking shisha or a dance performance. Whatever your need might be, Desert Safari Dubai tour packages cater to a variety of individual needs.

Desert Safari Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai tour packages

Dubai has many tour packages tailored to different personalities. Desert safari Dubai tour packages, although unique to individuals, still have must do activities. Some people only hate it before they try it. Then, once they try something, they fall in love. Your safety is always guaranteed to perform any activity in Safari. You can omit any event you do not like or find unsatisfying. People who easily get nauseous and expectant women usually request to exclude dune bashing. Desert safari Dubai tour packages all come with experienced, certified guides who will ensure you are safe while doing any action.

Your packages price may vary according to activities, itinerary and personal needs like detours. Desert Safari Dubai tour packages work to accommodate different schedules. The schedule will have a sunrise, evening, sunset, and overnight safari option. It works for people who love getting up early or people who enjoy the nightlife. Your tour package consists of a set of activities.  Tour packages are also flexible; you can request to have a detour and go to a place you have always wished to visit like Dubai mall. Desert safari Dubai tour packages give value for money and entertainment at pocket-friendly prices.

Desert Safari Dubai Tour Packages

Fun activities to engage in

Watch the sun’s ray’s link up early in the morning as darkness starts to fade. Your Desert Safari Dubai tour package will offer you an intimate interaction with nature. In the morning, enjoy sky diving, sand boarding, coffee and camel riding and later on, tour the camel farm. In the evening, enjoy Arabin coffee as you enjoy shows from the Tanoura and belly dancing. You can smoke shisha or engage in henna painting. At sunset, take fantastic photos as the sun gives way to darkness. Tanoura camp has BBQ with a dance performance from Emirate. If you love the nightlife, sink your jaws to BBQ then watch dances, paint your hand with henna as you take in the breeze,  snuggle up at the campfire stargazing. Desert Safari Dubai tour packages give you a dream tour that will always be in your memories.

Romantic safaris have a package, for touring the desert wilderness to enjoy each other’s company in a secluded place. Experience the Dubai desert wildlife safari. Later, take a dinner cruise, or enjoy a four-course meal or experience Dubai cuisine, by sampling different foods at the buffet. Experience hospitality at its finest with Desert safari Dubai tour packages today.

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