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Things You Must Know If You Want to Hire A Car in Dubai With A Credit Card

Irrespective of what your purpose for renting a car is, Rental cars Dubai have something for everyone. Rental car companies in Dubai offer various car rental plans with a wide variety of cars to choose from. Whether you are looking for a smaller sized car for personal use or a larger sized car for travelling with a group, your need will be fulfilled.

Monthly car rental dubai cheap comes with flexible payment options for clients. Once you have chosen your favorite car, you can proceed further by paying through a credit card as well. If you haven’t rented a car in Dubai with a credit card before, there are three things that you need to remember:

Paying Through a Credit Card

Trip Delay Reimbursement

If you do not accept the car after placing an order, then rental companies could charge a hefty amount. To ensure that you are not caught with your foot in the mouth, make sure to pay them an extra amount upfront to deal with such situations. If there is no reason for them to charge you extra, this amount will be refunded back to you.

Salik Charges

The best part about driving around in Dubai is the fact that there are no toll booths. For an uninterrupted and seamless driving experience, the Dubai government has installed an electronic toll system which is also known as Salik. Usually, rental companies block a particular specified figure on the credit card of the customer as a deposit to cover for any Salik charges or traffic fines. In Dubai, traffic fines are issued 15-20 days after any such instance. Hence, car rental companies account for this expense at the time of renting the car. If there is no instance that justifies its levy, this amount is refunded back to your card within a few days.

Roadside Assistance

What if your car breaks down all of a sudden? What plans do you have for that? To tackle this situation, you must ensure that your credit card is equipped with travel assistance. Features such as 24-hour towing, flat tire service, etc. must be included.

Hiring a car in Dubai on credit card is easy and highly convenient, provided you factor in the points discussed here.

Roadside Assistance


Nowadays people are inclined towards exploring Dubai due to its mesmerizing beauty. For such reasons, hiring a car in Dubai has become a necessity, especially those who don’t own a vehicle. Given how heavily congested roads tend to be in Dubai an accident may seem inevitable. It is very vital to check if your credit card comes with a car rental insurance, to cover up any cost, in case of an accident. rental cars Dubai cheap, view this as a necessity. 


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