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Why Buy a Car for a Month When You Can Rent?

You can hire a monthly car rental for a month-long holiday or business trip without the need to rely on public transport or cabs in the city. A month-long rental option is especially important in Dubai, where wild temperature swings are the norm. As a result of such problems, your car may suffer troubles such as a breakdown. So, to avoid these maintenance costs, car rentals are the best options.

Why People Go for Monthly Rentals

To rent a car is essentially cutting down on the cost of a new car while still enjoying the benefits that come with using a car. With a month-long rental, you get several benefits offered to you including discounts and offers. For you to get the best model at the best price, you need to make your bookings early. The best models are usually in high demand. Thus, if you know you will need a car on your next trip to Dubai for about a month, the best time to pay for that rental is now. Just get in touch with your preferred car rental company using their contact information which they usually share on their website.

Rent a Car

If you book early, you can choose from renowned models such as a Suzuki, Toyota, and even Nissan. Also, if you are one of the lucky ones, you might even be able to pick your preferred colour. Dubai makes it quite easy for you to book a car. You only need to avail the required documentation, and you can drive by yourself in the city and its outskirts. If you are lucky, you might only need your driving license.

Hidden Benefits of a Car Rental in Dubai

One major benefit of a car rental is the fact that you get to own a car for a month in Dubai for as little as 1500 AED. There are no maintenance fees, insurance charges or any other hidden charge while at it. You simply get in touch with the company, pay the fee and your car is delivered to you. You then report back to the company when you decide to leave or are no longer interested in the car, and it is picked up from the agreed upon location.

Lease a Car in Dubai

Why lease a car for such a short period? Well, we all know Dubai is full of several hidden spots that let you experience the wild side of this desert jewel. Most of these are off the path that public transport and chauffeured services offer. If you do manage to hail a car, there are strict timelines, and your fun will be greatly curtailed. For instance, you might want to enjoy a camel ride in the desert. With your personal car, the ride can last for as long as you want. Consider a monthly car rental if you really want to enjoy Dubai.

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