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Interior Design Styles


RoomLab creates interiors according to the latest fashion trends. Our customers' most favorite interior styles are Art Deco, modernist, hi-tech and minimalism.

Art Deco

Art Deco is one of the most favorite interior styles, due to its singularity, exclusiveness and a high artistic level. Decorative items are fundamental in Art Deco interiors: designer furnishing, qualitative rare materials, fanciful ornamentation, paintings and sophisticated accessories. However, articles of popular consumption and casual decoration are not acceptable in Art Deco style. This style is widely used by premium hotelers and restaurateurs, as we mean luxury when we say Art Deco.


Modernist Style

Modernist style is known for asymmetric and geometrically complex layout solutions and decoration abundance. The style splendor is traditionally supported by flowery patterns, greenery plenitude, tailor-made furniture, multicolored decoration and contrast household articles.



The main hi-tech stream is a professional usage of brand new finishing and construction technologies. Furniture and especially equipment have to comply with the modern engineering requirements as well. Austere shapes, straight lines, perfect proportions indicate the hi-tech style. As a rule, hi-tech interior finish is rich in metal and glass surfaces, all minimal items and accessories are multi - functional. The high-tech color palette is modest and laconic: white, black, gray and beige.



Glass is the most distinctive component of a minimal style. It can be used in furniture elements and as a construction material, supplemented by metal or plastic surfaces. Such interiors create sense of clarity and placidity. Light pure colors are preferable in minimal rooms, decorative items, however, are not acceptable.


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